Annual General Meeting 1992

The Third Annual General Meeting of MRSI was held at the Indian Institute of science, Bangalore from February 9 to 11, 1992 hosted by the Bangalore Local Chapter of MRSI with the following Local Organizing Committee.

Prof. S Ranganathan (chairman)  Prof. S K Biswas 
Prof. N G Puttaswamy  Prof. S A Shivashankar 
Dr. A K Singh  Dr. R V Krishnan 
Dr. A C Raghuram  Prof. K Chattopadhyay 
Prof. B K Chandrasekhar  Dr. J L Mukherji 
Prof. S V Subramanyam  Dr. A M Umarji (Convener)

Prof. C N R Rao in his inaugural address exhorted the materials community, with his customary vigor, to accept the challenge of developing new materials for engineering purposes. He pointed out that physics and chemistry became materials science only when the usefulness of a property had been demonstrated. While it was important for a scientist to publish papers, he argued that it was essential to take developments to the market place. He stressed the role of national laboratories such as those of CSIR, performing this latter task.