Annual General Meetings 1993

The fourth Annual General Meeting of MRSI was held at the Regional Research Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram from February 9 to 11, 1993. The meeting was hosted by the Regional Research Laboratory with the following Local Organizing Committee:

Dr. A.D.Damodaran (Chairman)  Shri M.Ramakrishnan 
Dr.P.K.Joy Prof.K.G.Nair 
Dr.R.Sivakumar Shri P.R.Ghosh 
Dr.Jayabalan  Prof.K.V.Nagarajan 
Dr.C.K.S.Pillai  Shri K.S.Sastry 
Dr.V.N.Krishnamurthy  Prof.C.G.R.Nair 
Dr.C.Rao Kasarbada Dr.T.S.Lakshamanan
Prof.Rajasekharan Pillai   

Prof.P.Rama Rao, in his inaugural address, focused on the liberalization of the Indian economy and its integration with global activity. These developments have serious implications for the developments of Indian technology and they require intense cooperation among academia, R & D centers and industries. As examples of successes emerging from such interactions, Prof. Rama Rao cited the development of bio-materials and liquid crystal displays.