Annual General Meeting 1996

The Seventh Annual General Meeting of MRSI was held at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore from February 1 to 3 1996. The meeting was organized by MRSI, Bangalore Chapter & Indian Institute of Science associated with the following Local Organizing Committee:

Dr. A K Singh (Chairman)  Dr. A G Menon 
Dr. K S Narayan  Dr. K J Rao 
Dr. S V Bhat  Dr. J L Mukherjee 
Dr. N G Puttaswamy  Dr. M Saletore 
Dr. R V Krishnan  Dr.Murali Mohan 
Mrs Ramani  Prof. S V Subramanyam 
Dr. S B Krupanidhi  Dr. S Mohan 
Mr. A C Raghuram  Dr. Vikram Jayaram 
Dr. P D Mangalagiri  Dr. T G K Murthy 
Prof. S Ranganathan   Prof. A M Umarji