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MRSI Newsletter
A quarterly  publication of the Materials Research Society of India

for circulation amongst its members

Volume  B 02, Number 3                                                                                    July  2002

From the Editors’ Desk

Members might recall that in the last issue of the Newsletter we had informed about the availability of the Bulletin of Materials Science published by the Indian Academy of Sciences on-line in full text form. As Life/Patron members of MRSI, we are also receiving a free copy of all the issues of Bulletin of Materials Science. We had solicited the views of the members whether they would like to receive the printed version also. Indian Academy of Sciences is now asking this in a formal way. Members would have already received the option form to be filled in and sent to the Academy by 15th July 2002. Please exercise your option conscientiously so that the expenditure can be minimised.  

It is heartening to know that MRS-Africa has recently been formed. The Inaugural meeting of the newly formed society is scheduled to be held at Dakar, Senegal during December 10 -17, 2002. MRS-Africa is looking forward to the active participation from the members of MRSI.  

IUMRS Facets Vol.1 No.03 has been released. B.A. Dasannacharya and  P.S.Goyal have written an article "Facets of Materials Research using Neutrons" in this issue. The article highlights the special features of neutrons and their use in the study of Materials. It also emphasizes the need for enhanced international collaboration in this important field.

H L Bhat
R V Krishnan


For more details about the activities of MRSI, members are advised to visit the society’s website at www.igcar.ernet.in/mrsi
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From  the Editor's Desk
Awards & Distinctions                       
MRSI & the Indian Academy of Sciences ( IASc )  
Highlights of R & D in  Materials Science & Technology
Interactive Form
New Members
Calendar of Events (July 2002-Oct 2003)
Subject Group on ‘ Materials for Rural Development’
Nature Materials - A New Journal
International Travel Fund
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Volume B 02,  Number 3
July 2002

 The MRSI Newsletter is a quarterly update published by the Materials Research Society of India. Members are requested to contribute information of interest to Materials Science community.  Members can inform through the Newsletter, recognitions/awards received by them, changes in address, forthcoming events, and any interesting scientific/technological developments in the area of materials.  The relevant information should be sent to the following address:

MRSI Newsletter

Materials Research Society of India
IISc Campus, Bangalore 560 012


Awards & Distinctions Conferred on Members

We are happy to report that the following members of Materials Research Society of India have received awards and distinctions shown against their names.  MRSI congratulates them.


MRSI and the Indian Academy of Sciences (IASc)

 As MRSI members are aware, the Indian Academy of Sciences and MRSI work together in bringing out the Bulletin of Materials Science. The past presidents of IASc include Prof S Ramaseshan , Prof C N R Rao, Prof P Rama Rao and Prof N Kumar – distinguished members of MRSI. The Academy holds two meetings a year; a Mid-Year and an Annual meeting. These often feature many talks by materials scientists. The 13 th Mid-Year meeting was held from July 5 to 6, 2002 at the Indian Institute of Science. On this occasion Prof S Ranganathan delivered a Special Lecture on Novel Atomic Configurations of Metallics. The lecture was very well appreciated. He has been invited to publish the lecture in our Bulletin of Materials Science by the Chief Editor Prof K J Rao. His lecture covered a wide ground. Most elements are metals and the remaining elements can be made metallic under suitable conditions. In the crystalline state most metals adopt one of the three structures of great simplicity, namely cubic, hexagonal close packed structures and body-centered cubic lattice. Even in the alloys many structures can be seen as derivatives of these structures. However, recent developments have shown that metals can adopt very complex and beautiful configurations in the quasicrystalline and noncrystalline states. There is renewed interest in alloying many elements together in the search for new phases and new structures. The lecture stressed the historical development starting with Kepler’s conjecture, and evolving through Hume-Rothery rules, Bernal deltahedra, Frank-Kasper polyhdera, Penrose tilings and Pettifor maps. The Linus Pauling File promises to tie these various threads together in a spectacular way. The lecture also highlighted Indian contributions and delineated the icosahedral order running through many complex structures and links of metallic structures to chemistry and biology.

Murali Sastry

*Dr. B C Deb Memorial Award-Physical Chemistry   Indian Science Congress,  2002
*Bronze Medal-Chemical   Research Society of India,2002
*Fellow-Indian Academy  of Sciences, 2002

Samit K Ray

The Homi Bhabha Award  for Research in Applied Sciences, 2001

Indian Rare Earths Ltd

 Silver Trophy for Public  Sector Management

Cahn  J W

Bower Award of the Franklin   Institute for Achievement in   Science.

P.S: Members are requested to communicate to the Editorial office about the Awards, Honours and Distinctions they have received from various agencies.

Highlights of R&D in Materials  Science & Technology

We would like to bring out the recent developments of materials science in a capsule form to our readers.  Readers are invited to contribute to this feature.  Kindly send a brief write up of the exciting developments in any branch of Materials Science.  The write up can be an innovative idea, a novel material, a new process or even a new product

Interactive Forum

As you are aware the MRSI Newsletter has started an interactive forum.  The purpose of this forum is to exchange scientific information, questions-answers, information on available testing facilities and industrial news. Members are most welcome to contribute to this forum in a concise manner.  Contributions may be sent to: Interactive Forum, MRSI Newsletter, MRSI, IISc Campus, Bangalore 560 012

New Members
Enrolled between April 1 and June 30, 2002

Life Members

Jitendra Mohan Bhatnagar
(LM B147)
Central Building Research Institute Roorkee 247 667
Tel: 01332-72260
Fax: 01332-72272/72543
Email: general@cscbri.ren.nic.in

Sachindra Kumar Mukherji
(LM B148)
Central Glass & Ceramic Research Centre
Naroda Centre
Naroda Industrial Estate
Ahmedabad 382 330
Tel: 079-2823345

Sarmah Chandra Pratap
(LM B151)
Electronics Department
Regional Research Laboratory
Jorhat 785 006
Tel: 0376-3370117 Ext. 520
Fax: 0376-3370011


Arup Dasgupta (LM B152)
Physical Metallurgy Section
Materials Characterization Group
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic  Research
Kalpakkam 603 102
Tel: 04114-480202
Fax: 04114-480081


Nageswara Sarma B (LM B153)
Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering
Institute of Technology
Banaras Hindu University
Varanasi 221 005
Tel: 0542-369346* 226 / 369478


Radhapiyari Laishram
(LM B154)
Electroceramics Group
Solid State Physics Laboratory
Lucknow Road, Timarpur
Delhi 110 054
Tel: 011-3921692


Ravi M (LM B155)
Regional Research Laboratory
Industrial Estate P.O
Thiruvananthapuram 695 019

Tel: 0471-515255


Prasad V S (LM B156)
Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR)
Industrial Estate P.O
Thiruvananthapuram 695 019
Tel: (0)  0471-515284
(R)  0471-494197

Fax: 0471-491712


Anup K Ghosh  (LM B157)
Centre for Polymer Science &
Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi
Hauz Khas
New Delhi 110 016
Tel: 011-6591424

Raghavan P (LM B158 )
Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR)
Industrial Estate P.O Pappanamcode
Thiruvananthapuram 695 019

Vijay Kumar Dixit (LM B159)
Laser Physics Division,  A Block
Centre for Advanced Technology
Indore  452 013
Tel: 0731-488375
Fax: 0731-488300



Annual Members

Kamalakaran K P (AM B018 )
Thiruvananthapuram 695 022
Tel: 0471-562273
Fax: 0471-415348


Lalasaheb Patangrao Deshmukh
(AM B019)
Shivaji University
Centre for PG Studies
Solapur-Pune Road, Kegaon
Kolhapur 413 002
Tel: 0217-350012
Fax: 0217-351011

Ajay M Agarwal (AM B020)
Department of Physics
Sh. Jayendrapuri Arts & Science
South Gujarat University
Bharuch 392 002
Tel: 02642-49802


Vineet Bhakhri (AM B021)
ST. 15, Krishna Nagar
Back Dav School

Hoshiapur 146 001


Tel (Res):  01882-231654






July 9-12 2002 Silicon Crystals and Films Growth and Lattice Defects- Silicon-2002 Novosibirsk, Russia
For more details contact :
Marina Kosinova, Email : marina@che.nsk.su
July 14-19 2002 Computational Modelling and Simulation of Materials,
P.O Box 174
Corso, Mazzini, 52
Tel: +0546 22461/664143
Fax: +0546 664138/663362
Website: http://www.dinamica.it/cimtec
August 10-13  2002 1st International Conference on Materials Processing for Properties and Performance (MP3)
10th Annual Conference of Institute of Materials (East Asia)-Materials in Nanotechnology
Dr. K A Khor
Symposium Organizer
School of Mechanical & Production Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
50 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639 798
Tel: 65 790 5526
Fax: 65 791 1859
Email: mkakhor@ntu.edu.sg

August 13-15 2002


National Symposium on “Recent Advances in Renewable Energy Technologies”


Prof. S H Pawar
Convener, RARE-T-2002
School of Energy Studies, Department of Physics
Shivaji University
Kolhapur 416 004 [M.S]
Tel:  0231-691729,  Fax: 0231-692333/691533
Email: pawar_s_h@yahoo.com,

September 25-28 2002 DAE-BRNS Symposium on Applications of Plasma, Laser and Electron Beams in Materials Processing Dr. A K Das
Power Beams & Materials Processing, PBAMP 2002
Laser and Plasma Technology Division
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay
Mumbai  400 085
Tel: 022-5593823, Fax: 022-5505151/5519613
Email: akdas@magnum.barc.ernet.in

September 26-27 2002


National Conference on Sensor Technology
(NCST 2002)


D B Singh
Secretary, NCST-2002
Centre for Environment and Explosive Safety
Metcalfe House
Delhi-110 054
Tel: (O) 011-3967702/3919811/3937040,  (R) 3974872
Fax: 011-391-4960

October 21-25 2002 21st International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids
Convenor, 21st ICNTS Secretariat
Nuclear Science Centre
Post Box 10502, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
New Delhi 110 067
Tel:  011-6892601/3, 6896639
Fax: 011-6893666
Email: icnts21@nsc.ernet.in
Website: www.nsc.ernet.in/conf/icnts21

November 11-15 2002

47th Annual Conference on Magnetism & Magnetic Materials

Dr. James C Eckert
Physics Department
Harvey Mudd College, 301 E. 12th Street
Claremont, CA 917119, USA

November 25-28 2002 Seventh Apam Topical Seminar on
Multilayered Structures And Coatings
Prof. Zeng Dechang
Institute of Materials Science & Technology
Dept. of Mechano-Electronic Engineering
South China University of Technology
Guangzhou 510640, China
Fax: +86-20-87111312 or 87111317
Email: medczeng@scut.edu.cn
November 27-29 2002 Seventh International Symposium on Advances in  Electrochemical Science and Technology
Dr. R Pattabiraman, Secretary
Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science & Technology (SAEST)
Central Electrochemical  Research Institute
Karaikudi 630 006
Tel: 4565-427550-559 (10 lines) 424198
Fax: 4565427713/427779/427205/427206
Email: saestkkd@yahoo.com

November 28-30 2002

National Convention on
East Asia Pacific Regional

Conference Secretariat
NACE International India Section
305-A, Galleria, Hiranandani Gardens
Mumbai 400 076
Tel: 022-5797354, Fax: 022-6921572
Email: nace@bol.net.in

December 2-5 2002 Eighth Apam Topical Seminar on
Creating A Global
Nanotechnology Network
Prof. Hwang Huey Liang
Nano Technology and MEMS Research Centre
National Tsing Hua University
Hsin-chy, Taiwan
Email: hlhwang@ee.nthu.edu.tw

December 5-6 2002


National Symposium on
Nanostructure Materials


A K Ganguli
Dept. of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi
Hauz Khas
New Delhi 110 016
Tel: 011-6591511, Fax: 011-6854715
Email: ashok@chemistry.iitd.ernet.in
 B R Mehta
Dept. of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi
Hauz Khas
New Delhi 110 016
Tel: 011-6591333, Fax: 011-6854715

December 10-17 2002

African Material Research Workshop
African Renaissance through
Science, Technology & Engineering

Prof. Aboubaker Chedikh BEYE
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Universite Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar
Groupe de Laboratoires de Physique des Solides et
Science des Materiaux et des Techniques Avancees
Tel: (221)825-77-26 (O), (221)824-46-7 (R)
Fax: (221)824-63-18, Email:

December 11-13 2002 International Symposium on Recent Advances in Inorganic Materials Prof. D Bahadur
Convener, RAIM-02
Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering
& Materials Science
Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay
Mumbai 400 076
Tel: 022-5767632
Fax: 022-5723480
Email: raim02@met.iitb.ac.in / dhirn@met.iitb.ac.in

December 11-13 2002


International Conference on Sonar-Sensors & Systems


HRS Sastry
Naval Physical & Ocenography Laboratory
Cochin 682 021, Kerala, India
Tel: 0484-424929, 424911/ Fax: 0484-424858

December 18-20 2002


Conference on Liquid Crystals and other Soft Materials

The Chairman
Liquid Crystal Laboratory
Raman Research Institute
C V Raman Avenue, Sadashivanagar P.O
Bangalore 560 080, India
Fax: 080-3610492, Email:

January 20-23 2003


International Conference on
Phonons in Condensed Materials (Phonons 2K3)

Dr. Sankar P Sanyal
Convener, Phonons 2K3
Department of Physics
Barkatullah University
Bhopal 462 026
Tel: 0755-488539/489028 (O) , Fax: 0755-550606

January 22-24 2003


International Workshop on Recent Advances in Nanotechnology of Magnetic Fluids

Dr. R P  Pant
Secretary, RANMF-2003
National Physical Laboratory
Dr. K S Krishnan Road
New Delhi 110 012, India
Tel: 011-5742610, Ext: 2309, 
Fax: 011-5852678/5764189
Email: rppant@csnpl.ren.nic.in

February 11-13 2003


14th Annual General Meeting of MRSI

Dr. S Banerjee
Materials Group
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre , Trombay
Mumbai  400 085
Tel: 022-5505239/5505050, Fax: 022-5560750
Email: sbanerji@magnum.barc.ernet.in

Prof. Ashok Misra
Director, IIT-Bombay
Powai, Mumbai 400 076
Tel: 022-5723488/5767000, 
Fax: 022-5723456 (P) 5723480 (G)

June 29-July 4 2003

ICMAT 2003
International Conference on
Materials for Advanced
Technologies  and IUMRS-ICA 2003
International Conference in Asia

ICMAT Secretariat
Materials Resesearch Society (Singapore)
Institute of Materials Research & Engineering (IMRE)
3 Research Link Singapore 117602
Tel: (65) 6874 1975, Fax: (65) 6777 2393

October 10-13 2003 IUMRS-ICAM Yokohama, Japan
 (details will be given later)

Members are requested to give information about the Conference / symposia / workshops they are organizing well in advance so that the same can be inserted in the “calendar of events”

Subject Group on :

Materials for Rural Development
        We are considering the formation of a Subject Group on ‘Materials for Rural Development’.  This will cover Building & Irrigation Materials, Materials for Tools, Clay Materials, High yielding & resistant seeds, Natural & Synthetic Fertilizers, Water-Conservation, Storage & Optimum consumption, Solar Energy Converters, etc. 
      Suggestions on possible activities and for the formation of a core group are most welcome.

                                                  S V Subramanyam

Nature Materials: A New Journal

       Nature Materials will be launched in September 2002.  This will be a monthly multi-disciplinary journal aimed at bringing together cutting-edge research across the entire spectrum of materials science and engineering. Nature Materials will provide a forum for the development of a common identity among materials scientists while encouraging researchers to cross established sub disciplinary devices.

International Travel Fund

MRSI has set up a ‘Travel Fund’ for the participation of MRSI members in international conferences such as IUMRS, MRS, APAM, ACCMS.  Further details will follow.

Patron Membership

Professional Societies, Research bodies, Laboratories and Companies willing to support activities of MRSI (through a one-time contribution of Rs. 25,000/- are enrolled as Patron members by the Council of the MRSI.

Privileges of Patron Members
Publication of their names in MRSI Newsletter
Free supply of all periodicals published by MRSI such as:
- Bulletin of Materials Science
- MRSI Newsletter / MRSI Update

Symposium proceedings at Prices applicable to   members
Display of Company Literature free of charge at MRSI meetings
Discounts on advertisements in Newsletter
Advance notification of programs and events
Free employment Advertisements in the MRSI Newsletter
Registration of 2 company representatives in each society meeting at member registration rates.

We Appeal to all organizations /laboratories/companies involved in the R&D/Educational activities of Materials Science and Technology to become Patron members. Request for Patron membership may be made to:

Prof. S V Subramanyam
Vice President-General Secretary
Dept. of Physics, IISc
Bangalore 560 012
Email :



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