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A new book released under the aegis of Materials Research Society of India entitled

Materials Research : Current Scenario and Future Projections

Editors : R. Chidambaram & S. Banerjee

This book is being published by Allied Publishers Pvt. Limited, New Delhi. The publishers are ready to offer the book at a substantial discount to MRSI members.  The book will be priced approximately Rs.900/- but the pre-publication price for the MRSI members will be Rs.400/-.  Members who are interested in buying this book should urgently contact Prof. S.V. Subramanyam, General Secretary, Materials Research Society of India, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012.

About the Book

This book is a collection of review articles on a spectrum of modern materials. Materials Science has witnessed dramatic developments during the past couple of decades and has had a profound impact on technology development as a whole.  It is often said that the availability of suitable materials is the fundamental prerequisite for the development of a specific technology. This point is aptly illustrated in some of the articles dealing with materials for space, aeronautics, nuclear energy, electronics, photonics and information technology. Most of the articles have outlined the basic principles behind the relevant phenomena, different aspects of materials processing and characterization and the intended applications of these specialized materials.

Materials science is truly an interdisciplinary subject. This is reflected in this collection containing thirty one reviews, covering a wide range of materials such as liquid crystals, aero gels, super alloys, shape memory alloys, refractory metals, rare earths, metal matrix composites, compound semiconductors, ceramics and carbon based materials. The authors, representing leading research groups in the country, have all emphasized the developments made in India against the background of the current global scenario and many of them have suggested directions for future research activities in their respective areas. This book is, therefore, extremely valuable for students of physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and materials science embarking on a career in materials research, for the practitioners of materials science and also for science planners involved in the development of high tech areas.


R. Chidambaram, Materials Research and Technology Foresight A.K. Suri, Refractory Metals and Alloys
M.K. Surappa, Metal Matrix Composites
M.C. Mittal, Suseelan Nair, T.G.K. Murthy and S. Satish, Materials for Space Applications : Current Scenario and Future Directions Y.R. Mahajan and Roy Johnson, Ceramic Cellular Solids: Unique Materials for Engineering Applications
Gautam R. Desiraju, Crystal Engineering - Retrospect And Prospect Vikram Jayaram, Engineering Ceramic Composites
C. Ganguly, Nuclear Reactor Fuels and Fuel Cycles P.C. Deb, Functionally Graded Materials�A Brief Review
Jayanta Haldar and Santanu Bhattacharya, The Molecular Design of Surfactant Based Materials Niranjan Das, Development of Nickel-Based Super Alloys for Gas Turbine Airfoils
B. Gopalakrishnan, V. Prasad and S.V. Subramanyam, Synthesis and Properties of Amorphous Conducting Carbon and Carbon Nitride Madangopal Krishnan, Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy Fasteners
G.K. Dey, Amorphous Alloys in Engineering Applications
Kamanio Chattopadhyay and Prajina Bhattacharya, Studies on Materials with Embedded Nanoscale Particles S. Das, D.P. Mondal, A.K. Jha and A.H. Yegneswaran, Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Matrix Composites
R. Amaranatha Reddy and B. K. Sadashiva, Liquid Crystals of Compounds Composed of Banana-Shaped Molecules: Influence of a Fluorine Substituent T.S. Radhakrishnan, Superconducting Materials
V.K. Wadhwan, Photonic Materials

A. Venkateswara Rao, Aerogels : A Novel Class of Solids with Mesoscopic Pores

E.V.Sampathkumaran, Rare-Earth-Based Magnetic Materials
S. Banerjee, J. K. Chakravartty and J.S. Dubey, Development of Zirconium Alloys for Nuclear Reactors : Contributions of Basic Research S.Chaudhuri and A.K.Pal, Compound Semi conducting Materials for Photovoltaic Application
S.B. Krupanidhi, Smart Sensors and Actuators : Status & Projections
D. Banerjee, Titanium, its Alloys and Intermetallics K.S. Narayan, Polymers as Active Materials for Electronic Applications
O.N. Mohanty, New Trends in Auto Body Steel M.K.Sanyal, A.Datta and S.Hazra, Multilayered Structures
T.K. Mukherjee, Development of Rare Earths Technology in India S.Ahmad, Materials For Information Technology
G.P. Das, First Principles Design of Materials