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Bulletin of Materials Science

MRSI co-sponsors the publication of Bulletin of Materials Science (BMS) published by the Indian Academy of Sciences.  In addition, several special issues of BMS have been brought out. The BMS published 144 papers in 1031 pages of scientific articles in 2012.

The BMS is available on the internet http://www.ias.ac.in/matersci/.

Starting January 2007, the Bulletin of Materials Science is co-published with Springer.  Along with hyperlinks to other relevant sites, Springer provides access to the content of the Bulletin worldwide in an online full-text database on Springer link www.springerlink.com

MRSI is also bringing out the MRSI Newsletter which includes the ‘Calendar of Events’ where the forthcoming conferences/symposia/workshops related to Materials Science are listed along with the name and address of the contact persons. The MRSI Newsletter is being edited by Dr. K K Nanda and Dr. Satish Patil.

The MRSI is continuously updating the electronic membership directory. This can be accessed through the website www.mrsi.org.in. This is an interactive website for interactions amongst its members interested in science and technology of materials. 

Diversity in Materials Science: C N R Rao's 75th Birthday Volume

Diversity in Materials Science: CNR Rao's75th Birthday VolumeA special publication has been brought out to mark the 75th birthday of Prof. C N R Rao. Prof. Rao is undoubtedly the most eminent chemist this country has ever produced and is one of the word's leading materials scientists.

His contributions to science, in general, and solid state chemistry & materials science, in particular, are outstanding both in terms of originality and diversity not to speak of extraordinary productivity.

To commemorate his 75th birdthday, a special issue of the Bulletin of Materials Science (Vol. 32, No. 3, June 2009) has been brought out, containing papers published in this special publication.

On the occasion of his attaining the age of 75, MRSI wishes that he has many more years of creative scientivic activity and happy life with his family.